The web site has some facilities that protect against the use of your email address by "web robots" or automated software agents that scan the web looking for email addresses that can be used as the target of spam emails, or even worse as the basis of impersonations. We don't want to discourage these robots since they are also the means by which search engines such as Google find content that they can point us at.

If you are creating an article or news item then it is ok to enter your email address in the body of the item as it will be "cloaked". This means that when someone is looking at the article they will see the proper email address. But when "robots" scans the site, they will see a jumbled version of the email address which will not be of any use to them. If you viewed the HTML source of this article you would not find the following address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

If you are familiar with HTML and want to use the HTML editor provided, then don't embed an email address directly in the HTML. Type it into the text of the article and let the Javascript scramble it.

Email cloaking has also been implemented when you are entering event descriptions and comments on articles but NOT when you are making entries in the Over the fence Forum.  It has also NOT been implemented in the titles of events and articles but then you would't normally put an an email address into a title.

Email addresses are not cloaked in text-based attachments so it's best to omit them and instead mention any relevant addresses in the article itself.

If you want to put an email address somewhere else, then submit a query in the Help section of the Over the fence forum and we'll let you know if it's likely to cause a problem.