A new walking group has been set up in Bishop Burton. For further information contact Jo Beckett emailing  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BBRamblers meet during the first and third week of the month. The length of walks will vary as will the day of the week. Each walk will have a couple of organisers who will make the necessary arrangements for the walk. Each event will also appear on the calendar for the village on the web site.

The schedule leading up to Christmas 2019 is as follows:

Date Day Type of walk Organiser 1 Organiser 2
08 August 2019 Thursday Long Margaret White Charles Wilcock
22 August 2019 Thursday Short Jan Biden Bridget Knight
02 September 2019 Monday Long Jo Beckett Margaret Hebb
20 September 2019 Friday Short Sue Greensides Margaret Oxtoby
30 September 2019 Monday Short Sue Brooks Sue Millington
17 October 2019 Thursday Long Margaret White Charles Wilcock
06 November 2019 Wednesday Short Jo Beckett Sue Thomas
20 November 2019 Wednesday Long Bridget Knight Margaret Hebb
04 December 2019 Wednesday Short Sandy Jones Bryn Jones


Attached to this page are the event forms that organisers may use for each event. Editable forms in MS Word format for Windows and Apple where licensed and in Pages format for Apple/iPad. If your computer does not have any of these formats use the PDF format and print the form for manual completion.